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Why are you taking your clothes to a dry cleaner?

Dry cleaning is a credible alternative to the washing machine, especially since the supply of such equipment tends to increase. More ecological, more respectful of clothes, this solution also relies on innovative processes to make your laundry perfectly clean.


Pricing: More informed consumers


While the cost of dry cleaning has been reduced, consumers are now better informed about the prices of the various services provided. Transparency is symbolized by the mandatory display of prices outside the dry cleaners for laundry and for dry cleaning.

Thus, the price is not more expensive, if you request a cleaning without solvent, accompanied by a mechanical or even manual ironing.


The importance of clothing labelling


Before going to the dry cleaners, make sure that your clothing has a label with the various components of your textile. Also, do not cut out the labels indicating the care preferences. Of course, the dry cleaners have the know-how to offer you the best cleaning formula.

However, these labels are mandatory, and they are put in place by the manufacturers themselves. They assume their responsibility and are certified by the French Committee on Labelling for the Care of Textiles, and representative of the textile and clothing industry (COFREET).


What clothes to entrust to a dry cleaning?


If the suit, jacket or blouse are the clothes most entrusted to a dry cleaner, the services are of course more extensive. For example, a dry cleaner can take care of duvets, carpets, curtains, shoes, fragile fabrics, etc.

A dry cleaner can even take care of your furniture in fabric, or leather, in order to give it the appearance of their beginning.

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