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Elias Dry Cleaning Services

Designer Wear

Don’t be afraid of dry cleaning your designer wardrobe any longer. Our advanced techniques include 4 processes with which our skilled team will carefully clean almost any item. We’re here for you when your priceless items indicate they cannot be dry-cleaned.


Take A Closer Look At Our Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning

Our expert team at Elias will always dry clean your laundry with care and precision. We offer a premier dry cleaners service.

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Shirt Cleaning Services

We offer an impeccable shirt service whether it's buttons that need replacing or a slight repair is required, it's all part of the Elias service.

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Laundering - we offer a full laundering service of your garments.

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Bridal wear

Dry clean and preserve your wedding dress the Elias way. We will remove individual stains by hand before dry cleaning and hand finishing the garment.

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Haute Couture

Haute Couture - we are experts at dry cleaning haute couture garments.

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Suede and Leather

We appreciate that the items you hand over to us are valuable and sometimes irreplaceable. That why all of our Elias branches consist of extremely experienced teams

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Alterations and Repairs

Elias can offer you so much more than other traditional dry cleaners. From straightforward alterations to relines and reweaves, we are here to help.

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Shoes and luggage repair

Elias will restore your finest shoes, handbags and luggage. We offer a range of different repairs.

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Moth Treatment

Moth Treatment - our team of experts offer a moth treatment for your clothing.

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Handbags & shoes cleaning

Our team can not only repair shoes and handbags, but we also recondition and restore these precious items to their former glory.

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Complete Care

Do you need your antique rug dry cleaned or your duck feather duvet cleaned? Elias have the equipment and skills to clean your cherished household items

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