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How to clean and repair a Chanel leather handbag?

Care of the Chanel leather bag

Gabrielle Chanel did not only try to simplify fashion, she also took an interest in jewellery and accessories.

This is how she imagines her first leather bag in black dipped lamb that she will later quilt in rhombus to give her outfit and leather puffing.

If she wants it in a classic format, that is rectangular, to combine elegance and practicality, she adds a flap to the bag upside down, two small zipped pockets inside to store the letters and outside for the change and three bellows pockets inside including the “tube” to slide a lipstick.

And like one day, tired of tarnishing her own purse in her hand, the seamstress has the idea of adding a strap to her creation to allow women to keep their two hands free or not, by wearing it if they wish on their shoulder.

Chanel will later make this strap a jewel: a chain bracelet or a thin leather ribbon is braided in the golden links.

Clean the chain from the bag


The bag is laid flat on a towel, sprinkle the chain with talc and then clean the link per link with a microfiber talc cloth.

- Soapy water

If the chain is heavily clogged to the point of leaving black marks on the shoulder or hand, clean it with a washcloth impregnated with soapy water, not to mention wring out the glove.

Repair the Chanel bag leather

-Cover up a scratch

Hide light stripes with an indelible felt of leather color

-Remove a scratch

Gently rub the stripe with a pumice stone or lime and then massage the rubbed area of the leather with a cloth soaked in Vaseline. After that, let it penetrate and then wax with black-tinting waxing. Finally, polish it with a soft cloth.

Repair a piece of torn leather

-Piece still attached

Gently glue the piece back together with neoprene glue, applying a tiny bit of glue with the tip of a knife. If you have put too much and the glue overflows, remove it as quickly as possible with a piece of lint-free cloth. Then, press the back of a small spoon to put the piece back in place and wait at least two days.

-If the repair is seen

Pass gently, without pressing, with thin-grained paper to equalize, then apply dye using the tip of the knife to the edge of the torn leather to “fill in the gaps”.after that, let it dry for a day. Wax with colored cream and polish to camouflage the maximum addiction.

-Piece torn off

Apply ultra-fine-grained sandpaper to the wound and rub gently without pressing to even out the edges.

Apply a thick, covering, black paste to the wound, known as a “rennovating cream”.

Be careful not to overflow because this product is difficult to remove.

Allow to dry for 8 to 10 days.

Then apply black wax all over the bag, with emphasis on repair.

Let it dry.

Rub with a soft cloth.

Repair the cracked leather

With the help of a lint-free cloth pass over all the Vaseline bag.

Let it dry.

Then rub gently with the soft cloth.

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